Review watch Equations of Life

March 30th 2011

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Equations of Life has been seen in the wild at last, but some lucky folk have managed to snaffle review copies.

So – what did they make of it?

The Speculative Scotsman has written an utterly magnificent review – and not just because he likes it, but because he gets it. “Truly exhilarating stuff” he says.

Alternative World‘s Harriet Klausner (this review available elsewhere, too) has called it “exciting futuristic science fiction”. Which is nice.

MostlyFiction Book Reviews has just popped up with “a profoundly dystopian romp that takes place approximately twenty years in the future and it is great fun to read”

The Daily Telegraph. Yes, that Daily Telegraph. I never thought I’d get a review there, considering well, everything. However, Peter Ingham’s conclusion is that Equations of Life is  a “fast-paced thriller” and  “An absorbing read.” The print edition also has me with four out of five stars.

There are more: I’ll post them soon!

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