Review watch 2: Equations of Life

April 2nd 2011

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A quick round up of reviews for Equations of Life I’ve found, some fresh off the presses, others a little bit older:

Paige Vest has written some very nice things – again, someone who I think gets it. That’s important to an author.

Deranged Book Lovers seem to be under the impression that Equations is a Young Adult book. It’s not. It’s really not. Unless you want your kids swearing in Russian. But they do like it, give it 3.5 stars, and say they’re going to read the next one. Which is plenty good enough for me.

Tzer Island give it a big fat 4 stars, tell me Sebastian Faulks is going to sleep easy in his bed, call it “a satisfying novel”, and also say they’re interested enough to set to on Theories of Flight.

One last one – I can’t link to this, because Lisa Tuttle’s review is behind the Times’ paywall. To quote: “The plot may not bear close inspection but it speeds along with energetic panache, making Equations of Life a very entertaining romp.” There was me thinking the plot was on rails… :)

*ninja edit* It’s here

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