Review watch 3: Equations of Life

April 6th 2011

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Another bunch of reviews have appeared. They are, in no particular order:

Bookgeeks. We like Bookgeeks. Not only is it a brilliant name for a book blog, any review that starts “There‚Äôs always room in my life for books like Equations of Life” is absolutely fine by me.

io9. I discovered the joys of io9′s (tag line: we come from the future) blend of cool a few months back, and only then realised just how massive its online presence was. First, they loved the Metrozone walls, then they loved Equations of Life. A massive review – detailed and perceptive – and very, very positive.

Warpcore have also picked up on the joy of Petrovitch with this review. 4 stars – “It’s a breathless near-future thriller with an unrealistic body count and a sympathetic central character”. I would question the use of unrealistic, but meh…

Finally for this post – LEC Book Reviews have decided that “This shockingly fun start to the Metrozone Trilogy is brilliant and well-worth the go.” I concur!

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