Equations of Life in the wild 2

April 7th 2011

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I had never heard of Reddit Gifts before today. It is apparently “the world’s largest gift exchange platform” and boast the claim that “Our gift exchanges are like Secret Santa exchanges, only more awesome”.

The reason I heard of it? Someone, somewhere, by the pseudonym of llathrop has sent maxd a box of stuff. Which not only included Edgar Rice Burrough’s Martian Tales trilogy and a Sesame Street cookbook, but also a copy of Equations of Life. Our gift-receiver says it’s “what excites me most”. Clearly easily pleased, but I’m actually quite chuffed….

8 Responses to “Equations of Life in the wild 2”

  • maxd says:

    Well that got decidedly meta very quickly. Didn’t realise the book was so recently published, that pushes it up to the forefront of my “to read” list! I’m looking forward to reading your book Mr Morden, you might have a new fan! :)

  • maxd says:

    Comments don’t display correctly on your site. :(

  • I enjoy your writing and appreciate your visions of the future. Just started on Theories of Flight after reading Equations twice in a row…please keep the Metrozone alive.
    thank you

  • Jon Robinson says:

    I found “Equations” on the shelf at a local bookshop, picked it up on a whim, went back the next day for Volume 1 (I am an idiot) and now can’t wait for this damn month to end and 3 to come out. Snorted milk out my nose at the “Princess Bride” reference. Thanks for that.