Review watch 4: Equations of Life

April 7th 2011

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It’s the official UK launch day for Equations of Life. Except it’s been out pretty much since Saturday, and the Book Depository seemed to jump the gun by a whole two weeks…

And just to prove that I don’t only link to the good reviews, I shall start with SFX. It’s not online (yet. I assume it will be at some point), but I’ve been told over the phone the outcome. Two stars. I haven’t seen it yet, as it wasn’t in either of the shops I went into today. I am moderately disappointed, as I kind of thought it’d be right up their street, but hey. I pull up my big girl pants and proceed to the sunny uplands of…

The Falcata Times! Gareth gives me 4 stars. It starts “If you like a book where an author creates a memorable character then you really have to try this title by Simon Morden” and ends “a seriously great find from our friends at Orbit and a series that will have a lot to live up to.”

I hadn’t realised I’d made the Stomping on Yeti March picks (being a US-based blog, it came out there on the 29th). “The lovechild of near-future thrillers and theoretical physics”. woot!

I also have not one, but two reviews on SFRevu. Here is Mel Jacob’s, and here is Ernest Lilley’s. Both are good, but the best line of all is Ernest’s last one. “This is a series not to be missed, and as I’ve had a chance to read the other two books, I can promise you that it’s only going to get better.”

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