Eastercon: panels and readings and signings, oh my. . .

April 12th 2011

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Eastercon is upon us once more, or rather Illustrious, the 62nd Eastercon is, from the 22nd to the 25th April at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole, NEC, Birmingham (UK – but you knew that already, right?)

I will be a busy little bee – partly due to saying “ooh, that looks interesting” to the Programme Co-ordinator and assuming I’d get bumped off the panels in question when More Important people came along – and partly due to stuff I’ve agreed to do in order to promote the books.

So, in hopefully the right order, and subject to last minute changes, management reserves the right etc etc… I’m kind of assuming I’ll get a chance to eat at some point during the weekend.

Saturday     4:30pm     Earls     “SF Infrastructure & Engineering”
Sub orbital flights, underground trans-continental high speed trains; LEO space station factories; Mag-lev high speed trains; Undersea communities; Floating cities – in the air and on the sea. Pournelle, Heinlein, Harrison, Anderson to name a few all had big infrastructure as a backdrop to their stories. Why don’t we have it now in the 21st century? Is it cost, science or engineering?

Saturday     9pm     Earls     “Real World Cyberwar”
The panel discuss real current-to-v-soon tech, DDOS, robot drones and swarms, cyber espionage, biowar, augmented terminators & legality of it: the push to a cyberwar treaty – a start of a Geneva Convention for cyberwar.

Sunday        At some point       Dealers’ Room – Forbidden Planet stall       Signing
Pretty much what it says on the tin. With luck and a following wind, there will be copies of Theories of Flight available as well as Equations of Life. No idea what time this will be yet. Sorry.

Sunday     7:30pm     Gladstone     “Author reading #5: de Bodard & Morden”
The authors reads from some of their recent works. There will also be cookies. And maybe some flapjacks.

Monday     12noon     Queens     “Nuke From Orbit – It’s The Only Way To Be Sure”
How would you invade a planet – whether a rogue colony, a rival or just plain pillaging a civilisation? How would you do a sneak attack with an armada of spacecraft in the sky?

I have homework to do.

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