Review watch 5: Equations of Life

April 14th 2011

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Things are slowing down a bit now on the Equations of Life review front – which is less stressful for me (see here) – but it’s only two weeks until Theories of Flight hits the streets… reactions are still generally positive to very positive, which is nice. I’d like to state on the record that these three books are supposed to be entertaining. I don’t do the didactic thing. I’m not trying to teach anyone anything – except maybe if you’re slightly less of a grumpy bastard for reading them, my work is done. On with the show!

A.V. Club – I get a C+ (which is a pass mark where I come from). “If Morden were shooting for pure, hardboiled pulp, that would be one thing, but he’s also reaching for some deeper points about loss, responsibility, and the role of technology—elements far better juggled by writers like Richard K. Morgan. Still, Equations Of Life is a rollicking read, even it does implicitly beg for a brainy audience and a brainless one at the same time.” Meh.

Fantasy Book Critic – Liviu Suciu has given an excellent and thoughtful review (A/A+) here. He does say I might be fifteen years too late for the cyberpunk party, and if I stick with the same formula for Theories of Flight and Degrees of Freedom, “three same cyberpunk novels (will be) a little too much for me.”  I can guarantee you Theories is very different, while still brimming with Petrovitchy goodness.

Out of Ten gives me a 6.0. He seems to have enjoyed it though: “A good old-fashioned post-apocalyptic cyberpunk adventure, despite sometimes trying to be a bit too clever.”

io9 is simply the gift that keeps on giving. May whichever god you believe in bless them and all their endeavours … Equations has made the April books list, with the quote “Theoretical physics plus action equals win”. It does, too. Epic win.

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