Equations of Life: the audio book

May 3rd 2011

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Those lovely people at WF Howes have a reputation for awesome. They take original books, and they hire a voice artist to read every single word out loud. Those words are recorded, and burnt onto CDs. Which they then sell. For money.

Let’s just go back a bit. See where I said every single word? That’s Every Single Word. Complete and unabridged. Complete. Unabridged. And they’ve done it for Equations of Life. I am vibrating with happiness. And they’ve used the talented Toby Leonard Moore, whose genre credits include Dollhouse.

This is the cover. There are 11 CDs. And it’s yours for UKĀ£25.52. This is the Equations of Life page on Whole Story Audiobooks. Take some time to have a browse while you’re there.

(I am, of course, hoping to blag a copy, but I may just end up sticking my hand in my pocket and shelling out for one. This is simply too full of win to miss out.)

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