Review watch 6: Theories of Flight

May 3rd 2011

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With reviews for Equations of Life starting to slow down (though it’s popping up in some interesting places, which I’ll link to later), the first few reviews for Theories of Flight are starting to trickle in. Obviously, while I’m pathetically grateful that anyone would actually bother to write a review of anything I’ve written, I’m still hoping for good reviews – not necessarily ones that heap praise on me (not that I mind that…), but ones that actually take time to analyse the book, and say what it made them think and feel.

Lynossa has a review up on Deranged Book Lovers. Three and a half stars, and “Only one word to describe this book: crazy! Yes, that’s right, if you think the first book is crazy enough, wait until you read this book. Blood spilled, gun trotted, bodies were piled up everywhere. The pace was even faster that the first book and I just can’t stop reading it.”

Harriet Klausner (who must be one of the most prolific reader/reviewers in the blogosphere) has posted hers on Genre Go Round and other places – including Amazon where she gives it 5 fat stars. We like that.

TChris’ review on Tzer Island (and Amazon – 3 stars): “If you enjoyed Equations, I think you’ll like Theories, even if it lacks some of the first novel’s virtues.  Theories starts well, the middle is action-filled but light on substance, and the ending carries enough promise that I’m looking forward to reading the trilogy’s conclusion.” Fair enough.

Paige over on Writing about Reading gives Theories 4 stars: the review is self-confessedly a little spoilerish, but she does very much like “Bad-ass” Dr Petrovitch, and has pulled out a bunch of her favourite quotes from the book.

Theories has also had some recommendations with (what I believe are called) ‘capsule reviews’: LEC Book Reviews plonk it on top of their list: “This second outing is just as exciting and downright entertaining as the first and is one you too should consider putting on your To-read lists.” Degrees of Freedom pops up on the bottom of the list, too. Which is nice.

Stomping on Yeti has it as one of their April picks: “Theories of Flight delivers a blend of intelligent science fiction and relentless action adventure that Hollywood wishes they capable of.”   :)

I think that’s about it – I try not to obsess too much over these things, but I’m only human. Still.


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  • ML says:

    I know this is an old post, but if you send me a copy of your Metrozone books I’ll certainly review them :p