Equations of Life: the audio book part 2

May 20th 2011

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When you get stuff published, it’s usual that you get some complimentary copies from the warehouse: and so with three books out in three months, you get a bit blasé about the whole thing. First it’s *squeee* as the first box arrives. By the time you get to the sixth (US edition Degrees of Freedom), it’s “meh, I’ll open them later.” More fool me, for in this box was nestling a copy of “Equations of Life: the audio book”.

I was having a bit of a purge in the study yesterday, and consolidating things: so I get out the Stanley knife and open the unopened crate. Behold, the thing of wonder.

So I cracked it open, slid the first disc into the computer and started playing it.

Now, I am not a man given to bouts of hyperbole. If the phone goes, I pick up and it’s say, Steven Spielberg or Peter Jackson on the other end of the line, making me a offer for the film rights to the Metrozone series, I’d relate the tale later with a “which was nice” conclusion.

The audio book is jaw-droppingly good. Genuinely the most fantastic piece of craftsmanship I have ever had the good fortune to be involved with. The narrator is Toby Leonard Moore. He is amazing. He’s an Oz, which considering this is a book set in London, you might consider an odd choice. But this man is an Actor. An Actor who can do accents. An Actor who doesn’t trip over speech. Who has a cadence and a melody to his voice. Hearing the crude words (and some of them are very crude indeed) I wrote get spoken by a professional is simply a revelation.

He’s a lot better – and when I say a lot, I mean I’m completely outclassed – at reading this than I am.

It’s UK£25, for ten and a half hours of entirely unabridged, unexpurgated, Petrovitchy mayhem. It deserves to do well, because it is well done, and not because I had something to do with it. It’s the closest thing to the film you’ll get for the foreseeable future…

You can order it from Whole Story audiobooks.

But they won’t ship to the US, due to me having sold the US audio rights to a different, US, company. So you’ll have to wait. But I promise I’ll keep you posted.

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