Review watch 7: Equations and Theories

May 23rd 2011

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Having singularly failed to have been raptured over the weekend, it’s back to the ho-hum daily grind of attempting to be one of the good guys in an often crazy world. So how are we doing?

Equations of Life continues to turn up in the most unlikely of places. For example, the Otago Daily Times. Where’s that based, you ask? New Zealand, which is about as far from home as it can get. The headline reads “Futuristic post-apocalyptic thriller pacy, exciting” which pushes all the right buttons. (which is a cool name for a blog) gives Equations “6 oversized pistols” out of ten, but I have the sneaking suspicion that they enjoyed it more than that… they conclude “Despite being a little predictable in places, Equations of Life is a good, solid read. Morden has crafted out an interesting world, and shown us a brief glimpse of it. The teaser for Theories of Flight, the second book in the trilogy, moves Petrovitch forward in his career as a scientist, and I’m looking forward to see how Morden opens up his story to us.”

Erika over at Jawas read, too, Equations gets 7/10 – again, noted as a good, fun read. “This action-packed, futuristic novel offers readers a quick, pulse-pounding glimpse into a world torn apart by technology and the weaknesses of humanity.”

Disorganised, as usual has some (most likely entirely valid) criticisms, but comes to the opinion that “Equations of Life kept me entertained.  I was fully engaged and absorbed in it, and kept eagerly picking it up again to find out what happened next.  Which makes this a far more successful work, in my mind, than the new China Mieville novel, which I am currently struggling to force myself to finish.  I want to enjoy the fiction I read, and I enjoyed Equations of Life.  And that’s the only thing that matters, in the end.”

The reviews of Theories of Flight have been a bit slower coming in: to be expected, I think, with the 3-in-3 months thing. However, one interesting one has turned up, by Sarah at Workaday Reads. She gave Equations 3 stars. She gives Theories 4. That actually means quite a lot.

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