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June 25th 2011

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Which I have done, in a small way.

In Theories of Flight, Petrovitch sets his two post-grad students a task: “Society. I want you to go and design me a human society. Not a utopia: one that acknowledges its faults and includes mechanisms to correct itself. One that’s better than the one we now have. Info-rich. Post-scarcity. Knowledge as currency. Stuff like that…Can you do it?”

Even though it’s meant to be a bit of make-work, to cover a turbulent time with a bit of focus, it does – of course it does – turn out to be pivotal. There’s a lot in a very few sentences. Non-utopian. Info-rich. Post-scarcity. Post-money. It’s a capitalist’s nightmare in black and white.

And user Hereford Eye has taken Petrovitch’s task as the starting point for their wonderment. Feel free to sign up and join in.

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