Impromptu Equations of Life audio giveaway

July 16th 2011

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I received several copies of the US edition of the Equations of Life audio CD thingy yesterday – it’s exactly the same as the UK version, read by the magnificent Toby Leonard Moore, and contains every word (even the rude ones) of Equations of Life, complete and unabridged. 10.25 hours over 9 CDs, costing a smidgen under US$52.

Now, I already have a copy – so I’m going go give these babies away. And this is how I’m going to do it.

1. Take a photograph or short video of yourself (or have someone take a photo for you) doing something Petrovitchy. I leave the interpretation of this entirely up to you. I cannot condone you doing anything illegal within your jurisdiction (no matter how much fun it might be), and I insist you and any bystanders, human and non-human, are not endangered in any way before, during or after the recording of your entry. This is just for fun, okay?

2. Post it to me at (that’s a ‘one’ at the end, not a small L) and put as your subject line something like Competition entry or Petrovitchy goodness. Try not to break my inbox with massive video files…

3. I would like very much to be able to share any of the entries on a gallery here. If you don’t want me to do that, do say at the time, and as the creator of the work, you retain copyright at all times.

4. Closing date for entries is going to be one month from today, August 16th, 23:59 GMT

5. The three entries I deem have captured the spirit of the competition the best will receive one copy of Equations of Life, narrated by Toby Leonard Moore. I will post to anywhere on the planet and will even include low-earth orbit for the crew of the ISS.

Get going…

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