A Petrovitch under the Christmas tree

December 26th 2011

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Just a quick note to those lucky, lucky people who found one or more Metrozone books all carefully wrapped up in shiny paper and bows this Christmas. Once you’ve got over the eye-searing covers and read the expertly-written blurb on the back covers, you’ll be ready to start heading down the mean streets of post-Apocalypse London.

Two things to say at this stage:

Firstly, enjoy. Whilst the Metrozone is serious business (or srs bsns, as the kids say), the books are meant to be fun. If you find yourself snorting inappropriately as something terrible happens, don’t worry. You’re in good company.

Secondly, the Russian. None of it is translated. Just go with it – get the sense of it by reading it (it’s mostly phonetic), and if you’re desperate to find out what Petrovitch says, feel free to look it up on the internet. It is mostly absolute filth, though, as the guttersnipe was dragged up on the streets and paint-peeling insults are simply stock-in-trade for the man.

Other than that, welcome. Have a look around here for extra content, and if you’ve got any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

5 Responses to “A Petrovitch under the Christmas tree”

  • Mike Lockie says:

    I did indeed get two Metrozone books under my xmas tree, and guvno, they were fantastic! I absolutely loved them – awesome stuff Simon, keep up the great work.

  • I am listening to the Metrozone books on audio and now can swear in Russian. I probably do need to look up what I am saying in case someone around speaks Russian. I just finishing listening to Theories of Flight and have Degrees of Freedom on order. Love the series and was glad to see that there will be a book four.

    • Simon Morden says:


      Some of the swears are paint-strippingly industrial. However, I imagine your average Russian will find them both hilariously unintentional and strangely endearing. Use at will!

  • Who sells your e-books?

    I found them at barnesandnoble.com but prefer to pay for a DRM-free to use of the bigger screen of my Linux ultrabook.

    Thank you kindly. Superb read, the Metrozone is: Dr Samuil Petrovitch cost me a lot of sleep in the past week but well worth it.