We’re going to need a bigger rabbit

December 31st 2011

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When someone emails you (hi, Frank!) a highly complimentary note regarding the Metrozone books, and ends it with “I have some giant rabbits to make”, you just know you’re reaching the right people.

Frank's rabbit

2011 has been an extraordinary year – I’ve sold some books, I’ve got some more lined up, people have (mostly) liked what I’ve done so far. 2012 looks as if it’s going be be really hard work – Ignite is rich seam to mine but oy, that seam runs deep – but I wouldn’t miss it for the world. It’s probably going to be hard work for you, too. There’s an awful lot of things in the world that could really do with fixing, so if you don’t already, can I suggest you volunteer some of your time, doing something you feel passionate about, in your local community? The world starts just outside our front doors.

Here’s to you, and the difference you make. Happy New Year.

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