The Heart project is now live

March 15th 2012

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Right then. Most of yesterday was taken up with nerdy hardcore coding issues, but I think we’re good to go.

As previously stated, Heart is being re-issued in both print and as an ebook. The print versions are being handled by Lulu, which should mean for a lot of you, you should be able to order copies in something approximating a local currency, on the same continent as you. You can get either a paperback (UK£8.00), and a dust-covered hardback (UK£15.00).

The ebook versions are free. I’ve got .pdf, .epub, and .mobi – if you want other formats, let me know. I’d rather you downloaded them from here, so I can get some handle on how many copies are going out the door, but am fully aware that they will also appear on torrent sites. There is also a ‘tips jar’ on that page and on the main page to show your appreciation, as they say.

The Heart page is the main access point. Scroll down for the options to buy a paper copy, or download an ebook.

Any initial problems, please leave a comment on this post.

Oh, and enjoy!

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