Eastercon 2012 – Olympus

April 1st 2012

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After charging down to London for the Olympic Park 5 mile run (not me, I hasten to add), I find myself back in the Metrozone next weekend for Olympus – the 2012 Eastercon. I’ll be there from Friday afternoon until Monday afternoon, and am appearing on the official programme precisely once: the Personal is Political, on the ethics of writing, at 7pm on Sunday in Room 38.

I will, at most other times be found wandering the corridors of the Con hotel (note: no walk-ins: the Con is officially full), listening to panels and propping up the bar. I am, as ever, always up for a chat about stuff in general, the Metrozone in particular, and will sign pretty much anything as long as I’m not going to get arrested/divorced for it afterwards.

With luck and a following wind, I’ll be blogging Eastercon again. There’s also a small matter of the Philip K Dick awards being announced Friday night, Pacific Daylight Time. That’s an 8 hour difference, I think, so if the ceremony starts at 6.55pm PDT, it all kicks off at 3am on Saturday as far as I’m concerned. It’s also being streamed live on USTREAM, so I could, if I was conscious, watch someone else win the award! Feel free to commiserate with the humbled loser on Saturday morning.

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