Equations of Life book group questions

April 5th 2012

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The lovely people at the Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore decided (against everyone’s better judgement) to inflict Equations of Life on their book group. They also asked me for some discussion questions, which I agonised over and hopefully produced something cogent. The questions are, inevitably, spoilerish, as they assume you’ve read the book, but in case any other mad fools want to embark on a wild foray into the furthest recesses of my mind, I’ll putting them up on the website.

The questions are here, and also from the Equations of Life page, below the Buy the book section.

2 Responses to “Equations of Life book group questions”

  • Jeff says:

    I am part of the Mysterious Galaxy book group and I just wanted to know we had a good discussion of your book and we voted to continue to read the second one for our next meeting.

    Feel free to send more questions! That was very cool and thanks for doing it.