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April 7th 2012

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Well, that was fun. I think I’ve shaken more hands today than on any given day in the rest of my life. The thing is, is that everybody seems genuinely delighted for me, and as I remarked to Tom Hunter, administrator of the Clarkes, there’s no rancour that might be associated with other, lesser awards… pfft.

But seriously, it’s been brilliant. I’ve had the opportunity to thank Jon Courtney Grimwood for supplying such an excellent cover quote, and Pat Cadigan for writing some kick-ass cyberpunk which inevitably inspired the Metrozone. I’ve spoken to Anna, my UK editor, on the phone, and met up with Anne, one of the other Orbit editors (no Bananagram this year. Curses!). And the spontaneous round of applause in the bar which left me redder-cheeked than the Greater Red-Cheeked Authorbird caught in mid-blush. And Jared and Anne from Pornokitsch, and and and. I haven’t managed to buy a single drink all day, either, even if it’s a nice cup of tea. Which has been especially helpful as I’m running solely on caffeine and adrenalin.

But I have also been to panels: first up was magic and technology with such luminaries as Juliet McKenna, Chris Wooding and Adrian Tchikovsky, discussing the meeting point of science and the arcane arts in their books, and how it all needs to fit together. Then there was also the Gollancz digital Gateway talk, in which I asked awkward questions regarding the accuracy of OCR technology. Sorry, Darren.

I should reasonably have gone to another panel later (the Not the Clarke Awards), and I was tempted by the Doctor Who evening double-bill (Human Nature/Family of Blood), but I didn’t make it out of the bar – more beers and food with Anne, new Orbit author Francis Knight, and Gail Carriger, followed by an early night. I’m such a lightweight. On the plus side, I haven’t been in the Dealers’ Room yet, so my wallet may yet thank me.

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