Utilitarian award is utilitarian

April 23rd 2012

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As someone on Facebook just commented, shouldn’t an award as cool as this be, you know, cooler…?

It is, as we say in these parts, Ronseal, after the wood preservative that “does what it says on the tin”. But in a slyly knowing meta-way, a prosaic Philip K Dick award which symbolically represents something greater than itself while still maintaining its understated certificate-in-a-frame reality is actually mocking the more flamboyant but less confident awards that are determined to be self-consciously physical representations of triumph.

Pretty cool after all, eh?

2 Responses to “Utilitarian award is utilitarian”

  • Jared says:

    Extremely cool. Plus, it is a certificate that drifted over from an alternate dimension where certificates are overly large trophies. Or… is it?

  • Kevin Ayre says:

    I honestly prefer the simplicity of a certificate. Huge trophies always remind me of the ott gaudiness given out for winning something totally inconsequential, like a local league darts tournament. Anyway the real reward is the recognition, and the free publicity of course. Here’s hoping it is the first of many.