Thy Kingdom Come – the book

October 19th 2012

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Wait? What? We know it’s a book. It’s been a book for years.

Actually, no. It’s never been a book with pages, until now.

Have we managed to keep this quiet? Well, mostly. Stuff has been leaking out for a little while (I blame Jared) but here’s the formal announcement: Thy Kingdom Come is going to be a proper dead tree book, with fantastic new artwork by Joey HiFi, a new introduction by me, a new introduction by Robert Jackson Bennett, the full text of all the Thy Kingdom Come stories, and gorgeously wrapped up between hard covers by Pandemonium – the publishing arm of Pornokitsch. There will only be 75 copies of this. I’m sorry, that’s important enough to repeat.


As has been the practice for a while (if folk ask for an original TKC CD, I get them to donate to their national Red Cross/Crescent), all proceeds will be going to the British Red Cross. Because it’s not like being a refugee is going out of fashion any time soon. Hopefully, there’ll be a proper event down in that London at the end of November – but obviously with there only being 75 COPIES I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to buy one on the day. Pre-ordering, however, is clearly encouraged. The books are UKĀ£24.99 – they’d make a smashing Christmas present for a die-hard Petrovitch fan – signed and numbered, and your hard-earned cash goes to a very good cause.

This is the cover:

The internal art work is stunning also.

So if you’re interested, get over to Pandemonium Fiction pronto and bag one of these bad boys.

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