The cover for The Curve of the Earth – animated

January 22nd 2013

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Stop blinking, you at the back. You read it right.

Now here’s an extraordinary thing. Orbit have, with usual good taste (thanks, Lauren!), put together a rather fine cover for The Curve of the Earth, for which I have the proofs. Being a rather inquisitive sort of bloke, I wondered who’d done the actual artwork you can see behind the words, and that led me to German Digital Artist Christian “Taeger” Hecker.

The Curve of the Earth cover is a detail of Phoenix Rising. What’s more, he’s animated it.

Phoenix Rising

How cool is that?

One Response to “The cover for The Curve of the Earth – animated”

  • Kevin Ayre says:

    Cool as! Love the fact that it is supposed to be Hadley’s Hope 1k years plus had the whole place not been xenomorphed out of existence. The original soundtrack to the animation is sumptuous, and available from the composers site for free, my favourite price. So far so excellent. Thanks for facilitating these discoveries, rumour has it there is a good book inside the cover too. What’s not to like?

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