SciFi weekender 1-3 March

February 22nd 2013

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I’m going to be there, for the very first time. And I’m looking forward to it.

Many moons ago, I wrote my Eastercon blog and wondered what a ‘different’ SFF convention would look like – and suggested the SFX weekender (of which the SciFi weekend is, unsurprisingly, a direct descendent). The programme certainly looks interesting and varied – I’m on a panel in Spaceport at 5pm on Saturday, discussing modern trends in SF and how would it all look to the old folk. Checking the other panellists, I may actually be the oldest one, so no irony there… if they’re not referring to me as ‘granddad’ by the end, I’ll look on it as some sort of triumph.

I’m also signing 6-7pm at the Forbidden Planet stall/kiosk/lander – there may well be copies of The Curve of the Earth to be blagged, but I’m not sure at this stage.

But putting the work to one side, I’m simply interested as to how all this works: it’s a commercial concern, as opposed to a fan-ran, fan funded con – which is why the likes of me have a free ticket etc, and BRIAN BLESSED will be there. I’m even travelling down/across with friends who (whisper it quietly) aren’t writers, but simply fans who are going for the sheer enjoyment of it all. Neither is this a hotel-based convention. It’s in a holiday park in what can be described as far into Wales as you can reasonably get (which is why I’m delighted that one of my travelling companions is a driving instructor who can share the load with me).

I will – undoubtedly – be in the bar, but also roving around. Don’t be a stranger.

5 Responses to “SciFi weekender 1-3 March”

  • Timothy Rowe says:

    Hope to see you there. At least that will mean there’s someone older than you in the audience for the Spaceport session, if not on the platform.

  • mike Hingley says:

    I stumbled across your blog this morning.I’m also going to the scifi week ender.not sure what to expect

  • Matt says:

    I found your blog when looking for other reviews of the event. It was my first time there and I was hugely dissapointed how was it for you as a guest?

    • Simon Morden says:

      That’s a shame, Matt. As a guest, it was a little chaotic – I was given a key (to a very nice apartment) and basically left to get on with it – I had no other instructions but that. I knew I was on a panel on Saturday, and signing books straight after: finding the other authors and publishers in a crowd of 4-5000 was hard work, and there was a lot of cobbling together of panellists at the last minute. I went with no expectations and once I’d found folk I knew, I basically defaulted to ‘sit around the dinner table and talk to people all night’ – I didn’t go to a single evening event, for shame.

      At the risk of opening the flood gates… what didn’t you like?