A public service announcement regarding the Jurassic London print of Thy Kingdom Come

March 10th 2013

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Comrades! Some running dog capitalist has put a copy of Thy Kingdom Come on Amazon UK for £100. Which is a startling amount of money, especially when there are 8 unsold copies (the only unsold copies, in fact) appearing on the NewCon Press stall at this year’s Eastercon for the original (and best) price of £25, a large proportion of which goes to the Red Cross. Ian Whates of NewCon has shown himself to be a fellow traveller in that he’s not taking a cut either.

But – don’t buy them until I’ve signed them, which I should have done by Friday lunchtime. Alternatively, buy them and leap out unexpectedly at me while I’m holding a drink, and I’ll do the honours. Because all the smart money is on Joey HiFi’s cover winning a BSFA, right?

Just to remind you of the awesome…

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