A post in acknowledgement of the official launch day for The Curve of the Earth by Simon Morden

March 19th 2013

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Or, as my editor said on the phone yesterday, “It’s really difficult to embargo a book these days…” The Curve of the Earth has been spotted up and down the land, and other lands, previous to this day, and The Evil Tax-dodging Corporation Which Must Not Be Named (no, not the one that sells coffee, or mobile phones. The other one) seems to have been shipping copies since the weekend. But today is the Official Launch, so I should really post about it.

It’s a funny old business really. Here I am, in the middle of the final edits for Arcanum, and a book I wrote a year ago is coming out now. There’s a slight feeling of “is this happening to me?” about it, an air of bemused detachment, because while I lived and breathed this story during its creation, and then all over again for the edits, it’s now in my past, while for many of you, it’s in your present or even your future. This launch is certainly less nerve-wracking than the bang-bang-bang release of the first three books. I’m older, and a lot more sanguine, for one thing. More confident even (thanks again, Philip K Dick award!). What I’m looking forward to most is hearing what you think of it: Petrovitch is all grown up. He’s been at more-or-less peace for ten years. Then … this happens. And dear Lord, he’s angry. Not incandescent angry,  but coldly calculating angry. Which makes him far more dangerous to both his enemies and his friends.

Do you need to have read Equations of Life, Theories of Flight and Degrees of Freedom to enjoy The Curve of the Earth? Actually, no. The story will probably be richer if you have, but I’ve written it in such a way (avoiding the as-you-know-Bob infodumps) that it’s not necessary. Orbit have kindly released an ebook omnibus if you need to catch up, but you can reasonably do that afterwards if you want, just in the same way it’s not necessary to have read Thy Kingdom Come before starting on Equations. Someone told me they’d read the original trilogy in reverse order. Okay, not recommended, but hey.

However you choose to read about Petrovitch, his world is now four books and a short-story collection long. Enjoy responsibly. You can, of course, hear from the man himself in this exclusive interview posted at the Orbit website. It’s a bit sweary (as you’d expect) but it’s quite enlightening. It was recorded just before the events of The Curve of the Earth, so it should give you some idea to his state of mind at page 1…

10 Responses to “A post in acknowledgement of the official launch day for The Curve of the Earth by Simon Morden”

  • Frank Sacul says:

    Thank you for another pleasant Petrovich adventure, Mr. Morden. As a matter of principle I’m generally a filthy Pirate, but I have happily purchased digital copies of all the volumes in this series. That’s probably the greatest compliment this humble soul can give. However, and this is not really a complaint, mind you, we Americans aren’t all such a bad sort. I know this is fiction, but I’m guessing that in your opinion it’s likely not too far off the mark. I would simply put forward that despite the impression most everyone seems to have of us, we’re not all fat, brainwashed madly patriotic conservative xenophobes. The elements closest to those that make up your idealized Freezone have been pioneered by American citizens. From 4-Chan and the Anonymous collective, to Bittorrent, to the TOR network, to Bitcoins, we’ve done our bit to promote the freedom of information. Some of the greatest contributors to the Open-Source software scene come from the states.
    Anyhow, you can say whatever you please about us Americans and I will still enjoy the hell out of your novels, even if my jimmies get a tad rustled.

    • Simon Morden says:

      Hi Frank.

      Yes, I knew I was going to take some flak for this, and thank you for being so gracious. I’ve done it this way quite deliberately, and I hope you’ll bear with me. There is a very great deal to admire about the real-world US (as well as a great deal to criticise – much like my own country and our imperial past). In the books I have, of course, obliterated Britain from the map, so at least you’re still in the game… and I promise you you’ll get your own back soon. Petrovitch is going to be shocked, I tell you. Shocked.

  • Terry Smith says:

    Excellent: I purchased Curve of the Earth (Kindle edition) as soon at it was available. By the time I had finished reading the first page, I had been drawn back into the frenzied and calculating mind and life of Petrovitch. Great! I am reading it slowly in order to savor the images your writing creates in my minds eye. Thanks Terry

  • Eldritch says:

    I loved the latest Petrovitch book. Please put me out of my misery and let me know there’s another volume (or two or three or twelve) in the works? I feel so empty without someone screaming in Russian in my head.

    Seriously though, you are a fabulous writer. Thank you for being so awesome and writing such an incredible character.

    Love from an underground bunker in Reconstructionist America. (Does the Freezone give out visas? I’d like to expatriate.)

    • Simon Morden says:

      Ah, the Freezone: we’re always hiring (I should get some badges/patches made up with a Freezone logo so we can recognise each other – I have Reconstruction Party badges, but not the other side).
      As soon as I’m done with the final edits of Arcanum, I’m going to leap straight into the next one. With the lead time on these things, it should be out next year (publisher willing).
      And thank you for saying nice things.

      • Eldritch says:

        You have NO idea how happy this makes me. Thank you!

        Also, you should completely make up patches/badges. I’d love to get my hands on some! I didn’t know you had Reconstruction ones! How does one acquire some?

        I am so happy there will be more Petrovitch adventures, you have no idea. I’m also looking forward to Arcanum! This news totally made my day.

  • Kevin Ayre says:

    Loved the book, but as with all good things, it is a shame when it comes to an end. I generally have a problem with obviously open ending, but the main crux of the latest arc was brought to completion. As with all your offerings, it is the believable characterisation that I enjoy, and what makes your books difficult to put down once started. Long may you continue to produce such well rounded and enjoyable works. Thank you.

  • Mark Pimtan says:

    Just completed “Curve of the Earth”. I enjoyed it as must as I enjoyed the earlier Petrovitch novels (which I read in the span of one week). For those earlier novels I could not do anything else around the house until I read the last Petrovitch curse. Gotta love a brilliant scientist whose mother would be washing his mouth out with soap. “Curve” threw me a curve when I realized it is only the beginning of more Petrovitch novels. I look forward to reading them, but not waiting for them to be published. Thanks for writing the books. I know the series will never end as long as poor Samuil has body parts to sacrifice for a cause.

  • Chris Kemp says:

    I’m glad that I checked for news on the new book, I know what I’m spending my pay check on this weekend!