The Lowest Heaven revisited

May 23rd 2013

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News from Greenwich is that not only are the hardback books going quickly (reserve your copy here), but the tickets to the exclusive ‘after dark’ extravaganza are also disappearing fast – get them here.

And there’s been two reviews of the anthology so far, both of them, er, stellar. The first was from Starburst, which mentioned me by name (which was nice), and the second from (which unfortunately blows the cryptic meaning of my title out of the water – so, spoilers).

Niall Alexander on the Tor blog puts it very well – and is certainly the mood which I was going for.

There can be no questioning the value of this artful anthology: it’s as inspiring as it is inspired. But The Lowest Heaven is also a timely and ultimately touching reminder of what we stand to lose by turning inwards as opposed to venturing again into the unknown. Granted, the universe is vast—and vastly dangerous, I dare say—but consider the wonders we stand to discover; the places, the races!

I will definitely be there – the train tickets are booked, and I’ll be dashing about the South like a dervish for three days – I’ll have my signing pen with me.

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