The last time I’ll see Arcanum

July 24th 2013

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Well, I can hope.

Actually, that sounds a bit curmudgeonly – what I’m trying to say is that once the page proofs are out of the door, that’ll be it. I won’t own the story any more, because it’ll be on its way to becoming yours. The proofing of the book has been, er, problematic, and that’s probably all I want to say on that front. Suffice to say, what errors remain are hiding really, really well, as this must be the most proofed manuscript of recent history. So once I turn the paper marked ‘page 768′, I’ll be done.

If you want to know what 768 sheets of A4 look like, wonder no more:

I’ve just over three weeks to do all this. See how I suffer for my art…

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