A non-fiction first, or 16 days to go

January 12th 2014

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Okay, I’ve done a foreword before, but this is slightly different: a whole non-fiction essay by me appears in print, for the first time. It’s one you might have seen before – Sex, Death and Christian fiction is a venerable nine years old this year, and it’s still as worryingly relevant as it was back then. It’s being included, whole and unexpurgated, as an appendix in a book from Port Yonder Press called “How Evangelicals can write better“. The author and proprietor of PYP, Chila Woychik, got in touch a few years ago, and we’ve had intermittent correspondence since – she asked if she could reprint the essay, and I was more than happy to agree.

Christians tell stories, for all sorts of reasons, all the time. It’s probably about time we talked about how to do it better, for all values of better.

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