A Signing in Newcastle, or 5 days to go

January 23rd 2014

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You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to organise one of these things… however, we’ve done it!

The closest we could get to the actual launch date (28th Jan) is the 15th Feb. So not that close. But it’s not bad.

So – Saturday, 15th February, 1-2pm, at Forbidden Planet in Newcastle upon Tyne (59 Grainger Street, NE1 5JE). It’d be brilliant to see loads of people there, and not just because it’s me, but because shops like FP put on events like this to promote authors, publishers, and the SFF genre. If you’re thinking of coming, please hold off buying the book until the event – it’s only two weeks, and since you’re all grown-ups, you know about delayed gratification, right?

There’s also a Facebook page for the event. And obviously, spread the word to anyone who might not hear otherwise but would want to come.

If you’re not in striking distance of either Newcastle or London (where there’ll be a signing at FP in April) or Eastercon (that’s in Glasgow this year), then knock yourselves out and buy a copy as soon as you like! At some point, I’m going to have to go to the US and sign stuff…

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