Kirkus picks Arcanum in Year’s Best selection

November 20th 2014

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Which (as I am fond of saying) is nice.

The list is quite short – 11 books in total, for the year’s best SF&F, and I’m strangely grateful that they don’t specify whether Arcanum is F or SF. For it is both. I’m also told that “Kirkus never like anything”, so if they’re being really picky, and I still get picked, that’s a good thing, right?

Elisabeth Bear, Alena Graedon, Daryl Gregory, Lev Grossman, Will McIntosh, Elizabeth Moon, John Scalzi, Charles Stross, Jeff VanderMeer , Andy Weir… and me. Not bad company, really. The full list of 100 is here, and the SF&F bit is here.

One Response to “Kirkus picks Arcanum in Year’s Best selection”

  • amy says:

    Perhaps the greatest benefit of being selected by Kirkus is that thousands of librarians (like me) read it and use it as a guide to purchasing books for our libraries.
    I just finished reading Arcanum (after reading the review in Kirkus) and thought it was terrific. I look forward to reading the Petrovich/Metrozone books next.
    Thank you for writing and may you be prosperous and prolific!