A shameless pre-Christmas plug

November 15th 2015

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It’s now less than six weeks until Christmas. If that thought fills you with existential dread, may I suggest giving a book as a gift?

Firstly – Down Station isn’t out until February. But it’s available for pre-order at your usual outlets. It’s a thought…

Secondly – I still have some copies of Brilliant Things. If you’re in the UK, that’s £8 (inclusive of P&P) for thirteen short stories. I’ll sign it to whomever you wish, and make sure it gets to you in time.

Thirdly – you can still order a hardback or a paperback of Heart from Lulu. The quality of the product is genuinely very good – the prose… well, I like to think that’s up to scratch as well.

There you go. Christmas sorted!

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