Snap giveaway for Valentine’s Day

February 7th 2016

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Right then – read carefully.

I have one hardback copy of Heart to give away free and gratis. But not to you. No, to someone else to whom you want to send an anonymous gift.

In order to enter the draw, you’ll have email me with some information. Namely, the name and address of the person you want to receive the copy of Heart, and any particular message you’d like me to write inside. Or I can just make something up.

A couple of caveats that I’m taking on trust.

1. No cheating.

2. No creepy-stalker stuff. We don’t like that. And if you’re the subject of a restraining order, respect the court.

I’ll make the draw at midnight on Tuesday: this will give me the best chance of getting it in the post and a chance of it arriving in time (Valentine’s Day is a Sunday) but I can’t guarantee anything, especially if you’re outside of the UK.

I’ll delete all the emails after the draw is made. Your secret is safe with me (and I have a really rubbish memory for stuff like this, so really, it is).

*NOTE: We’re done here: the winner has been notified, and the book, suitably inscribed, is out of the building.*

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