Eastercon 2016

March 17th 2016

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Which is next week in Manchester – Easter is almost as early as it can be this year (March 22nd is the earliest, for you ecclesiastical nerds out there).

I’m doing two official things. Secondly, I’m on a panel on Sunday, 10-11am: How High is your Brow? (Rooms 8&9)

Science fiction and fantasy have long had a tumultuous relationship with the world of “highbrow” art. There are divides in funding, attention, and prestige between artforms deemed (by some) to be “serious” and those deemed to be “popular”, and it sometimes seems that never the twain shall meet. What would science-fictional high culture look like? (SF opera?) How are discussions about “high” art shaped by social class and background? How do we, as science fiction readers and writers, challenge the divide? In what ways do we find ourselves reinforcing it? Can we just ignore it — and why, or why not?

Which should be fun. At least no one will be able to criticise me for bringing class into it, because look! It’s right there in the description.

And firstly, I’m bringing The Alchemist’s Dream to Eastercon! The session is Friday, 20:30-21:30 (Room 10)

Come and play a brand new game designed by first-time games designer, Simon Morden. The Alchemist’s Dream is a two player game with draughts-style movement across a hexagonal grid. There are no dice, very simple rules, and the object of the game is to eliminate your opponent’s playing pieces and capture their ‘home’.

There are 6 spaces available so please reserve at Ops. There will be informal opportunities to play the game over the weekend in the Games Room if you miss out.

The important things to remember here are: it’s on Friday – I won’t have much time to drum up support, or remind folk it’s happening, and there are only 6 places available on the night. It’d be brilliant if I had a full room, because I genuinely want to see what experienced gamers make of my little effort. I’ll usually be porting a copy of the game around with me, so if you fancy a go, you can either stop me on an ad hoc basis and see if I’m free / make a play-date for later, or you can email me now at brilliantthings@blueyonder.co.uk and we can negotiate a time if you can’t make the Friday evening session. During the con itself, you can either email or poke my twitter feed (@ComradeMorden).

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