Fire Sale! *

October 10th 2016

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*Does not involve actual fire


When you get a book published by a major publisher, one of the things that normally happens is that you get sent a box of the books, to distribute as you see fit. You’ve not had to pay for them, and they’re simply a thank you. I’m now mumble-mumble books down the line, and things are starting to back up a bit. We lack for storage space here at Morden Towers: I’ve already filled one cupboard, I’m spilling out into others, and I’d like to shift as many of these as possible, just to free up some more room.

Because they don’t actually owe me anything, I can reasonably flog them off at whatever price I decide, plus postage and packing.


  • UK£1 per book – you’ll need a paypal account to transfer the money to me.
  • When they’re gone, they’re gone. This is strictly first-come, first-served.
  • You pay postage and packing on top – books are heavy, but I’ll keep the costs down as much as a I can. I’ll let you know how much that’ll be when you order, but before you pay, so you can make an informed decision. As a guide, anything up to 2kg will cost £2.85 2nd class Royal Mail, UK only, plus whatever packaging is required.
  • I’ll ship them anywhere in the world. Since you’re paying the postage, it’s no more trouble for me than it is posting to the UK.
  • Offer will close on December 21st 2016.
  • All books are as new, or as new as they can get sitting in a box in a cupboard for a few years. None of them are damaged.
Title Publisher Format Stock
Brilliant Things Subway PB In stock
The Lost Art DFB Hardback none
The Lost Art DFB(US) Hardback In stock
The Lost Art Corgi MMPB none
Equations of Life Orbit UK PB none
Equations of Life Orbit US MMPB 2 left
Theories of Flight Orbit UK PB none
Theories of Flight Orbit US MMPB 6 left
Degrees of Freedom Orbit UK PB 5 left
Degrees of Freedom Orbit US MMPB 2 left
The Curve of the Earth Orbit UK PB none
The Curve of the Earth Orbit US Trade PB 5 left
Arcanum Orbit UK PB 1 left
Arcanum Orbit US PB In stock

(last updated 0010GMT 16 October – post is suspended for a week because I’m away from my desk, but orders will still be accepted)

(UK and US editions are going to be slightly different – the first three Petrovitchs in the US are the smaller, fatter, ‘pocketbook’ type paperbacks.)

Please note that there are no copies of Thy Kingdom Come, Heart or Another War – Thy Kingdom Come CDs are all long gone, and the JurassicLondon hardback is, as mentioned, a rarity only to be found in second-hand bookstores . Heart is available as a free ebook, and hardback and paperback via Lulu (links on my website – – and also Amazon) but I don’t hold stock. Another War is available via Telos ( I’m not including Down Station or The White City in this, either: this is just my back-catalogue.

I’ve let subscribers to my newsletter have first shout. Now I’m offering it out to the masses. Any questions and queries, just ask, and of course I’ll be happy to sign any of the books to whomever.

Orders, queries and questions here ->

Books always make excellent Christmas presents…

2 Responses to “Fire Sale! *”

  • Peter Frey says:

    Glad to see things are going well for you… but where the hell is the next Metrozone book? When you create an indelible character and an intriguing world, you also create an obligation to those of us who inhabit that world even if only from time to time.

    • Simon Morden says:

      Petrovitch#5 (The Edge of Space) has had a complete 1st draft for maybe a couple of years now. Moving publishers has complicated matters, and moving from one Hachette imprint (Orbit) to another (Gollancz) has, rather than simplifying a complicated thing, further complicated it. I have impressed on them that people would quite like to see it, but nothing has yet happened.

      The only thing I can suggest is that you email both Orbit and Gollancz, and ask them if they can sort something out. I’m doing what I can from my end.