Happy birthday to The White City

October 27th 2016

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In all the rush to do blog posts and email interviews for other people, I completely forgot to do one for here…

The White City

So here we go: the second Book of Down, The White City, is published today and is available from all the usual outlets. While I do usually try and make sequels at least have the potential to stand alone, The White City isn’t going to make a whole lot of sense without having read Down Station, but fortunately there are two low-cost options to catch up – the mass market paperback (retailing at a reasonable UK£8.99) or the Kindle e-book (priced at a ludicrous UK£2.99). Of course, the original trade paperback with the bigger shinier cover is a thing of wonder, and probably worth getting just for that.

The White City follows directly on from events in Down Station. It’s a bit of road trip (although, not giving anything away that the cover doesn’t, much of that is by sea), and because my player characters don’t pay any attention to the DM, they split the party early on. Which, inevitably, leads to shenanigans of the highest order when they do get back together again.

As with all my books, you can file it under ‘intensely personal’, because that’s the nature of the beast, but this one was more so than most. The first book I’d written after my father died. I was worried enough that I sent a note along with the first draft, telling my editor pro tem that she was to tell me if there was leakage from the Real World into the Down, because I was too close to the manuscript to spot it. I appear to have got away with it, mostly. The story is chiaroscuro: the dark is as dark can be, but the lighter stuff (pirates!) is quite fun. Until that bit turns dark too. But the ending – I hadn’t known until that point what was going to happen, and I was shocked. I think you will be too. But shocked in a good way.

So, here it is, my *counts fingers* ninth novel/novella. Enjoy.

11 Responses to “Happy birthday to The White City”

  • Adam says:

    When will ‘The White City’ be available on other e reader platforms? I can’t wait to see what happens.

  • Sue says:

    Wow, Amazon fixed that ludicrously low price quickly! It’s on for £7.99 via the Kindle Store now! Still gonna buy it of course… ;)

    • Simon Morden says:

      Sorry – it’s Down Station that’s at £2.99 (and still is, people!). But I’m glad you think it worth your pennies, Sue, and I hope it lives up to your expectations.

  • Liesel Meyer says:

    Is there going to be a Down #3????
    I love the first two and want to know what’s happening next!
    Condolences for your father’s death. My mother died recently too.
    Kind Regards

    • Simon Morden says:

      Hello Liesel!

      I would (obviously) very much like there to be a Down #3. I haven’t been able to sign a contract on that yet, so it won’t be this year. Hopefully next. The best way we can guarantee it happens is if both Down Station and The White city continue to sell, so spread the word!

  • Liesel Meyer says:

    Cool thanks! I’ll keep badgering friend and family to read them then! ☺