Arcanum, by Simon MordenPublisher: Orbit
Publication Date: January 2014
Format: Paperback / eBook
UK ISBN: 9780356501833
US ISBN: 9780316220101
UK eISBN: 9781405516778
US eISBN: 9780316220095
RRP: [Print & eBook] £8.99 / $17.00

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About the Book:

From an award-winning author comes a powerful new epic fantasy. When the age of spellcasting ends, the greatest of kingdoms will fall . . .

The kingdom of Carinthia is rich, powerful and undefeated. A thousand years ago, its ancestors were the spell-wielding northern tribes who crushed the Roman Empire. Their legendary hexmasters can destroy whole armies and turn battlefields into fiery lakes of lava.

Magic is Carinthia’s wealth, protection and way of life. But the age of magic is dying. Some would do anything to see it return: any act, no matter how terrible, is justified, so long as the hexmasters can still protect their homeland.

The kingdom is poised between order and chaos – and the smallest spark is the difference between disaster and triumph.

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‘Masterful . . . An engrossing rollercoaster of a plot winds up with a solidly satisfying climax that leaves the reader craving more’ – PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

‘Morden, against a gritty, utterly convincing backdrop, anticipates every consequence and wrings out surprise after surprise . . . An enthralling read for aficionados of intelligent, impeccably rendered fantasy’ – KIRKUS REVIEWS

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