Down Station

Down Station, by Simon MordenPublisher: Gollancz
Publication Date: February 2016
Format: Paperback / eBook
UK ISBN: 9781473211452
US ISBN: 9781473211452
UK eISBN: 9781473211469
US eISBN: 9781473211476
RRP: [Print & eBook] £16.99/10.99 US$23.99/US$9.99

About the Book:

Gollancz is delighted to announce the acquisition of two sweeping science fantasy novels from Philip K. Dick Award-winning author, Simon Morden. The world of Down Station is built on another, magical, world that bears uncanny links to home.

A small group of commuters and tube workers witness a fiery apocalypse overtaking London. They make their escape through a service tunnel. Reaching a door they step through…and find themselves on a wild shore backed by cliffs and rolling grassland. The way back is blocked. Making their way inland they meet a man dressed in a wolf’s cloak and with wolves by his side. He speaks English and has heard of a place called London – other people have arrived here down the ages – all escaping from a London that is burning. None of them have returned. Except one – who travels between the two worlds at will. The group begin a quest to find this one survivor; the one who holds the key to their return and to the safety of London.

And as they travel this world, meeting mythical and legendary creatures, split between North and South by a mighty river and bordered by The White City and The Crystal Palace they realise they are in a world defined by all the Londons there have ever been.

Reminiscent of Michael Moorcock and Julian May this is a grand and sweeping science fantasy built on the ideas, the legends, the memories of every London there has ever been.

‘There’s magic, murder, betrayal, and a series of revelations which shifted they way I thought about the characters, and the world. I’ll say no more, to avoid spoilers, but the journey that our heroes take through the world of Down is fraught, intriguing, and thoroughly compelling – I couldn’t put it down .’ - SCI-FI AND FANTASY REVIEWS

‘This is an interesting read with a great new world to immerse yourself in, it is fantastical and thrilling, a great book to add to your fantasy/sci-fi shelf.’ – RANDOM REDHEADED RAMBLINGS

This is a very fast paced book, with intense moments of danger as well as being full of wonder. There are so many things to discover in Down not only geographically but historically…Morden has written a book full of mysteries that are just waiting to be discovered.  – FANTASY BOOK REVIEW

Down Station is a fun and interesting read which I zipped through in no time at all! – BOOKS BY PROXY

Once again Simon Morden takes the fantasy genre and moulds it wonderfully…What makes Down Station so great is the immaculate pacing and the way character shapes fate for each of the well-drawn main characters. – THE SUN

It’s the character’s experiences that make this a fresh take on the “cut off from civilisation” subgenre…we’re drawn in by their responses to this world. – SFX

there are horrors that surprise as well as moments of wonder. The story is patient, and every sequence is both a physical battle and philosophical teaching that merge with well-placed hooks. – SCI-FI NOW

amazingly original mindblowing ideas that completely rewrote and reconfigured a familiar London into something much more sinister and post-apocalyptic. – THE DIGITAL FIX

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