Heart, by Simon MordenPublisher: Razorblade Press/Creative Commons/Lulu
Publication Date: 2002/2012
Format: Original paperback novel out of print, re-released as ebook (.pdf, .epub, .mobi), trade paperback, trade hardcover with dust jacket

The Heart Project

Heart is now back in print, after a gap of 10 years. Partly as an experiment, and partly as a thank you. There will be both print versions and ebook formats of the original, unaltered text. There is a FAQ for the project.

The print version of Heart is available at Lulu

I’ve uploaded two formats to Lulu, a paperback and a hardback. They will be available from Lulu for the foreseeable future.

The pricing of the books will be in whatever local currency the lulu.com site decides is best. As far as I can tell, UK residents will be directed automatically to Lulu UK, those in North America to Lulu US and those in Europe to Lulu Europe.

The paperback is trade paperback size, 286pp, and in the UK will retail at £10.20
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The hardback is hardcover with dustjacket, trade size, 286pp, and retails at UK£20.00
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The ebook version of Heart is free

I’ve converted the text file to three different formats: .pdf, .epub, and .mobi. That should mean that there is a format that should suit your mobile ereader of choice. If there is demand, I can attempt to create other formats.

The electronic work is distributed under a Creative Commons licence.

Creative Commons Licence
Heart by Simon Morden is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://www.simonmorden.com/contact/.

Essentially, this means that you can download and redistribute any ebook version of Heart as long as (a) I am named as sole author, (b) the text is unaltered and (c) you do not charge anything for the ebook.

Click here to be taken to the download page. The ebooks are free, but as the creator of the work, I am collecting donations.

 About the Book:

Robert and Marianne Newton die within minutes of each other. He is killed on his doorstep, she is hit by a speeding car in broad daylight. The witnesses can’t remember any details. Berlin detective Torsten Neubauer is brought in to look where his British colleagues fear to and uncovers corruption reaching to the top of Government, a plot that is to end in a coup and meets a man who slays his victims with cursed bullets.

What people said about the book:

‘a forcefully written novel drawn very sparingly, with a starkness that reflects the story’ Vector

‘…an epic tale. Simon Morden has created … as unique a detective as Agatha Christie’s Poirot. An exceptional novel; bringing the Arthurian legend bang up to date.’  Prism

‘a wonderful story with rich characterisations and a compelling storyline’ The Alien Online

‘Heart is a long overdue entertaining ‘grass roots’ British thriller come horror adventure. Novels like this are in short supply these days’  World of Horror.