Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come, by Simon MordenPublisher: Lone Wolf Publications
Publication Date: 2002
Format: Multimedia CD

About the Book:

Thy Kingdom Come was my first short-story collection, published in autumn 2002 by those creators of fine limited-edition multimedia extraveganzas, Lone Wolf Publications – now, like so many independent presses, sadly defunct.

The Thy Kingdom Come CD had twenty stories with introductions, twelve videos, haunting full colour art from Marge Simon, and even an Extremes screensaver. Everything was carefully put together by Lone Wolf proprietor Brian Hopkins.

The twenty stories are split into two parts: ten tell the stories of people caught up in what became known as Armageddon, as nuclear terrorism spread across Europe: the other ten involve one boy, growing up in Plainview, Nebraska, and his unhealthy fascination with events a whole ocean away. Needless to say, some of these stories are pretty strong meat. Religious fanatics using stolen nuclear weapons to hasten the Second Coming don’t tend to mess around.

Partly in response to the demise of Lone Wolf, and partly because I can, I’ve decided to publish most of Thy Kingdom Come here. All the stories and all the introductions. For obvious reasons of copyright I can’t use Marge Simon’s art – but it is beautiful. There were also twelve videos, all original creations and done to the best of my software at the time. They’re all pretty big, so for reasons of space and bandwidth, I’ll have to leave these out too. Sorry!

The good news is that I was having a clear out the other day, and I’ve found a stash of disks, all with the original art and videos: these are strictly limited in number – when they’re gone, they’re gone. If you want a copy, they can be bought from the shop.

The entirety of Thy Kingdom Come is protected by a Creative Commons License. The entire text can be downloaded as a .pdf file. Please click here to start…

Ordering Info:

I have a limited number of the original CD-Roms produced by Lone Wolf Publications, which contain all the artwork by Marge Simon and all the videos, as well as all the stories in a pdf format.

UK residents: Order from The Book of Morden with Paypal:

Other nationals should contact me here for prices from the UK.