Metrozone Safety Advisory

The Metrozone authorities would like to bring the following safety advisory notice to your immediate attention:

  1. Find shelter as soon as possible. Thousands of refugees are arriving daily and will need shelter from radioactive rain.
  2. Railway arches and underpasses can provide you with shelter if you are unable to stay with friends or rent a domic.
  3. Do not attempt to leave the Metrozone. The armed guards have strict and fatal orders for unauthorized Outzone/Inzone passage.
  4. If you rent a domic, ensure that you keep it locked at night.
  5. Avoid travel between hours of 6AM and 10PM when risk of crushing is highest.
  6. If someone you know has been injured by bombings on their way to the Metrozone, or has fallen ill, they will not be admitted. Do not attempt to bring in these people.
  7. Locations previously known as slums, such as Clapham and Regents Park, are being cleared to make room for domic piles. Any remaining slums are hazardous and should be avoided, particularly in Hyde Park.
  8. Gangs operate in the Metrozone and are very dangerous. Identified groups include: the Yazuka, the Russian mob, and something now known as the New Machine Jihad. Do not associate with these members.

Thank you for your continuing cooperation.