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March 4th 2016

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Well, that was … busy.

First, a signing at FP in London – well attended, I GOT TO MEET PAT CADIGAN. Pat – if you don’t know – was at the forefront of the cyberpunk movement with books like Synners and Fools, and they had an enormous influence on the genesis of the Metrozone and Freezone. And I got to tell her all that after I’d got my breathing under control. They say you should never meet your heroes: in Pat’s case, that doesn’t apply, because she’s as brilliant and funny and sharp in real life as she is in her fiction. And she’s kicking cancer’s arse. And I signed a copy of Down Station for her. I SIGNED A COPY OF DOWN STATION FOR PAT CADIGAN. We’re good here.

Then, a reading at the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club, which is held in the roof-top bar in an outrageously upmarket hotel in Holborn (for reasons that are fascinating, but incidental). Inevitably, my discomfort rose to almost-but-not-quite critical levels, but I adulted and gained admission, whereupon seeing friendly faces calmed me. I don’t what it is about posh, but I just don’t do it. Then when we all reached the top, the full moon was rising red over the London skyline, and that was a diversion, and even though I was down to read third of three, it didn’t matter much. Thank you for putting up with my coarse northern ways, and those in the audience who later admitted to being born and brought up in the north-east but have been travelling incognito since through the publishing world. Your secret is safe with me.

All during that, I was staying at my mum’s, and replacing fence-posts, and trellis, and doing other gruntwork in the garden. Bookended by two roughly seven hour journeys to and from. I was driving pretty much for the whole of Down Station’s launch date.

How did that go?

There’ve been lots more reviews. No, I’m not going to show you the rubbish ones, of which there are fortunately few. As I said previously, it’s not going to be for everyone, however much I’d like it to be. What I want, what I need, is for Down Station to find its audience.

So, from Amazon (and in all seriousness, if you enjoyed the book, leave a review – it does make a difference):

Down Station is one of the most intriguing novels I’ve read in a fair while and I doubt I’ll forget it.

The book has, then, a very engaging and serious moral strand as well as the sheer sense of adventure that comes form exploring – and surviving in – a new land.

This is an interesting read with a great new world to immerse yourself in, it is fantastical and thrilling, a great book to add to your fantasy/sci-fi shelf.

And from elsewhere:

To wit, in terms of plot and pace, Morden’s ninth novel is tight and taut—and I’d argue that its relative brevity is a boon to boot. At approximately 300 pages, Down Station is a ways off wearing out its welcome when the literary kitchen closes its doors; though the portion sizes might be on the slight side, chef serves up a satisfying three-course meal here, leaving readers stuffed enough, but not so full that they won’t have an appetite for more when it’s over. And in case you weren’t aware, there will be more, folks: The White City beckons, and after that… why, this whimsical world is Morden’s oyster. (

A shining example of why I think a come back of modern portal fantasy, could make a significant impact on the genre. (Book Frivolity) The actual review is an audio one, linked here.

A twirling mix of fantasy, reality, a strange new land, and strange new people. (Planet Books)

I’ve been asked what the situation with US distribution. Bear with us, because we’re sorting that out. I know for sure that the kindle version is available here, and if you’re desperate for the hardcopy, then one of these is probably your best bet.

Also, The White City is due out Feb 2017. But since it’s written, and edited already except for the line edits, it might be brought forward to the end of this year instead. Watch this space.


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SFW4, or There and Back Again

March 5th 2013

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Pwllheli is a long way from anywhere that anyone is. Even for someone used to travelling long distances to get to places, it was hard going. The M62 was stop-start from Leeds through to Manchester, and the Welsh A roads (complete with freezing fog) were little more than jumped-up country lanes. We even stopped once, thinking we’d gone too far, only to discover when we worked out where we were, that we hadn’t gone far enough.

But that was where the Sci-Fi Weekender was, so going anywhere else wasn’t really an option. Me, my merry crew (a special shout-out to my co-pilot Abi, without whom I’d have probably ended up wrapped around a tree somewhere, gently snoring), and about 5000 other people descended on a holiday park (Hafan y Mor, if you need to look it up) to talk, watch and be science fiction for a couple of days before dispersing back across the country again. Click to read the rest of this item…

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Equations of Life in the Wild, part 2

May 5th 2011

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Beware! and stuff. Equations of Life has been spotted in your area.

Especially if you live in Pasadena, TX, where my Subway colleague spotted this on the shelves of her local Barnes and Noble.

Doesn’t that look fine? Even better if it was on a bookshelf at home, of course…

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Equations of Life in the wild 2

April 7th 2011

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I had never heard of Reddit Gifts before today. It is apparently “the world’s largest gift exchange platform” and boast the claim that “Our gift exchanges are like Secret Santa exchanges, only more awesome”.

The reason I heard of it? Someone, somewhere, by the pseudonym of llathrop has sent maxd a box of stuff. Which not only included Edgar Rice Burrough’s Martian Tales trilogy and a Sesame Street cookbook, but also a copy of Equations of Life. Our gift-receiver says it’s “what excites me most”. Clearly easily pleased, but I’m actually quite chuffed….

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Equations of Life in the wild

April 3rd 2011

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The first confirmed sighting of Equations of Life in its natural habitat – not some derelict building swarming with refugees – but a bookshop! In amongst all the other goodies in the Potomac Yards Barnes and Noble, Ernest Lilley found a certain eye-melting cover.

Have you seen this book? Call 555 783 5621!

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