Let him sleep

This may be the worst decision you ever make. It certainly ranks up there with the worst decisions you’ve made so far, and if you were to be honest with yourself, there’s been a fair few of those. You’re not going to throw Davy out into the cold, wet, windy dark now. You’re going to do that a five in the morning when, hopefully, it’s stopped sheeting it down and there’s some light in the sky.

You fully realise the consequences of your actions. Your first night on the job, and already you’re breaking the rules, and not just a little bit, but a lot. Enough to get you fired. And you know that he’ll be back tomorrow night, and the night after, expecting the same treatment. He won’t get it: you’ll throw him out. But you’re not going to do it tonight.

You back away towards the stairs, hoping that it’s going to be okay. You are, however, not completely daft, and you’re not going to risk him wandering around the rest of the building. There’s a lock on the bottom door, and after a few minutes with the keys, you find the right one, and turn it once you’re through.

If you’ve checked the rest of the building, it’s time for some coffee. And probably a biscuit.

If not, then you probably need to do that first.