Chapter 2 – Introduction

You’re on your way back to Pegasus Tower. The rain is still sheeting down, and the water running down the sides of the roads resemble miniature rapids, weaving between banks of litter and leaves before tumbling through the drain gratings and out of sight. Pools of standing water are growing, and you’re having to time your passage past carefully so as not to be soaked by the next driver carelessly splashing through them

Due to the weather, you have the pavement pretty much to yourself. There isn’t even that much traffic around. The lamp posts are swaying and clicking in the blustery wind, and you turn your coat collar up to try and stop the rain that’s dribbling coldly down your neck from going any further.

You’re there at last. You’d barely managed to dry off from this morning, and you’re pretty much drenched again. The tower is almost in complete darkness. The only lights are showing from the reception area, and from Metcalf’s corner office. As you approach, you see Metcalf standing just inside the entrance doors, looking out, looking at his watch, looking out again: not that he’ll see you on a night like this.

You look at your own rain-spattered watch and find you’re easily quarter of an hour early. You walked faster than you thought, and being early shows willing. You hurry across the paved concourse outside and tap on the door.

Metcalf jumps, then recovers. He turns the key in the lock and pulls the door open. He struggles with its stiffness, just as you had, and it slams back into place once you’re through.

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