1st floor

The door opens out into another big, empty space, but due to the stud wall down the middle, it’s half the size. Your torch picks out a single door in the wall, and you presume that on the other side, you’ll see a mirror image of where you are now.

You walk around a stack of free-standing stationery cupboards, take a moment to illuminate the windows, and then go through the double doors to where the toilets and the entrance to the lift is. You see the doors to the corridor that leads to Metcalf’s office, and push through them. Metcalf’s office door is locked, though you can see the light still shining underneath. The other two rooms off that corridor are completely empty.

That the light’s on in Metcalf’s office is annoying you slightly.

Do you:

Work your way through your keys to unlock the door.
Decide you’ll mention it next time you see him. It’s not like you’re paying for the electricity.