The monitor is old, a cathode ray tube one, and the picture is very grainy and flat-toned. It looks like looking at a snow storm, but as you peer at the current image, enough details resolve themselves to realise you’re looking at the scene just outside the front doors. The camera is juddering in the wind, and that’s causing some of the visual disturbance, and the rain on the lens is making more. The camera is off to one side, so that if anyone was stood outside, you could see them, but you could see them just by looking over the counter at the front doors, which are directly ahead of you.

You click the dial around – it has four settings – and they reveal other outside shots. Because you don’t know where the cameras are situated, or the layout of the building, none of them give you much information above the fact that they all seem to be working.

What do you do now?

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and start on the biscuits.
Begin your inspection of the building.