It’s as cold as you thought it would be, and deeper than you anticipated. The water instantly fills your trainers, and wicks up your legs. You make certain you hang on to your keys, and keep the torch clear. You walk to the door, raising waves in the water, and try and find the right key again. Already, you’re beginning to shiver, and it’s really difficult. But you have to try all the same.

After what feels like forever, you slot a key home, and it turns. The door opens outwards, into the basement, and it just won’t budge. Either something is blocking it… or the water’s a lot higher on the other side. You shine the torch around the door frame, and its weeping in from all the way up to chest height.

You give the door one last shove. It opens for a fraction of a second – water gushes in in a great brown wave – then slams shut again. There’s no chance of getting through. None at all. If Davy’s in there, then it’s too late for you to do anything one way or the other about this. You’re simply going to have to make the phone call now, and let the chips fall where they may.

Go back to the reception desk, and open the blue folder to see who to call.