1st floor

Nothing has immediately changed since the last time you were here. The door opens out into another big, empty space, half the width of the block. Your torch picks out a single door in the partitioning wall, the other side of which is a mirror image of where you are now.

You fetch your sodden phone out of your pocket, and press the button to wake it up. You hold your breath, and nothing happens. You try it again, and still nothing. You fumble around the side for the power button. You press and hold that, and still nothing. It never really liked getting wet, and you’re going to have to take the back off and somehow dry it out inside.

You walk around a stack of stored furniture, and then go through the double doors to where the toilets and the entrance to the lift is.

Opposite is the corridor that leads to Metcalf’s office.

Do you:

Go to Metcalf’s office.
Go back to the staircase.